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I gave you one more chance -
You showed me dance,
But I'm not Patrick Sweyzey you're not Jenifer Grey.

You told a story,
But I'm so sorry,
I forgot your face and everything you asked and said.

I dont wanna be your toy perhaps today,
I'm not gonna be your boyfriend it's too late​
I looked over all the maps, trying to escape,
Cause Im tired (of) being your sweet cheesecake

I will fly far away,
Leave by any train,
Just not to meet you on my way Don't stay (on) my way Hey...

You dial my number,
Your dreams start crumbling -
You want me to be the man Ill never ever be.

I don't wanna be your toy...
I don't wanna be your boy...
Cheesecake is epic fail...
Cheesecake is epic fail...

Cause Im tired (of) being your sweet cheesecake.

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